The top court in Massachusetts has ruled that police need a warrant to obtain cellphone location data to track a suspect for more than a brief time period.

The country’s first smart gun is on sale at just one gun shop—the Oak Tree Gun Club near Los Angeles. Shop owner James Mitchell says the gun, the Armatix iP1, could revolutionize the gun industry, the Washington Post reports.

Eighteen law schools had enrollment declines of more than 30 percent in the last three years. The two schools with the biggest drops are the University of La Verne, with a 66.2 percent drop, and Cooley Law School, with a 40.6 percent decline, National Jurist reports.

A North Dakota lawyer who returned to her hometown of Williston to practice law has gotten a lot of experience in her 2½ years of practice.

There are four stages of group development. Understanding them can assist us in how we might nurture or develop a culture of accountability and unity among the members of our partner group....
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A criminal defense lawyer can testify in his former client's appeal asserting ineffective assistance of counsel, even if the ex-client hasn't waived attorney-client privilege, a Kansas judge ruled Under Kansas law, explained Shawnee County District Court Judge Nancy Parrish, no privilege applies

When filing for an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is required for purposes of tax administration, the applicant must disclose the name and taxpayer identification number (e.g., Social Security Number, Individual Tax Identification...

As long as possession of marihuana remains a federal crime, banks won't touch those businesses with a ten foot pole....
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You don't want to hire a divorce attorney without asking a few questions first. After all, depending on your issues, you may not even need a divorce attorney. Because divorce litigation can be expensive and exhausting, you'll want an advocate by your side who is worth every penny.