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wrongful termination case in Windsor, Connecticut. Message is for details. 

client needs assistans sith SSI benefits for two autistic chikdren. Please meassage me. 

Client arrested on felony charges for purportedly possessing 20 grams of marajuana. Please call  for details. 347-949-2587

Client needs a family law attorney in Orange County (in Walden Court) to handle ACS/CPS matter. Please respond ASAP. Client is set to meet ACS/CPS tomorrow and needs representation.

Client was denied Social Security benefits.  Appeal was denied by Social Security Administration.  Notice sent November 2017.  Looking for an attorney to file an action in the District Court for th

Client's husband was arrested and is currently being prosecuted in the Distrrict Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.  Charges include bank fraud, credit card fraud and internet fraud. 

Client owns several bars in New York Metro Area. Needs assistance with liquor license and related violations. Please respond to referral for more information. 

Workers Compensation attorney needed in Naugatuck, Connecticut. Call 212-518-7144


Client needs a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas,  Received head trauma/concussion and related injuries due to a car accident near the SLS hotel in Las Vegas.

Client needs representation in a criminal matter in Bergen County. Please email michael@barrowslaw.com