What Legal Tech Do You Use To Find Clients?

Hey All - Considering this is my first post, I'll briefly introduce myself. My name is Daniel Marcus and in addition to being a fellow jurist and  and a solo practitioner, I also lead a double life founding tech companies. I'm currently in a startup incubator, where I'm building something new from the ground up. I'm thinking about building something in the legal tech space that would help better generate and validate client leads than an Avvo or an UpCounsel. Towards that end, I was hoping I might be able to get some feedback from the community as to what tools you guys currently use to find clients - whether that be Avvo, Priori, UpCounsel, Quora, Reddit, etc. I think there is an under served market in terms of retail legal services that falls somewhere between the LegalZooms of the world and retaining dedicated counsel, I would love some feedback as to what kinds of issues, questions, or inquiries that you receive from family and friends that is too small of a matter to dedicate bandwidth to and that is also too high of a price point for those people to want to seek advice from counsel. It's a lot but any help would be massively appreciated.

You can sound off here or you can reach me directly at dan@seatswaptickets.com.