Medical malpractice cases are highly complex and often involve various parties. Knowing who to hold accountable for your injuries is not an easy task, and requires a thorough investigation of your case and the people or organizations that may be legally liable.

Dozens of senators kicked off a series of closed-door sessions, known as the A.I. Insight Forum, to hear from key industry stakeholders and discuss AI regulation. Will they be able to reach consensus on the scope of future legislation?

For good reasons, including product safety, quality assurance, development of delivery procedures and instructions, it has been a common practice for medical device companies and innovators to consult with physicians during innovation.

During this period of rising interest rates and high inflation, some purchasers of pre-sale (also known as pre-construction) condominiums may be experiencing buyer’s remorse as their closing date approaches.

I enjoy disparate interests. I teach Second Amendment law, and teach and write a treatise on advertising law. I was surprised that two of my legal interests coincided when Illinois House Bill 218 was signed into law by the Illinois Gov, J.B. Pritzker....

Our Environment, Land Use & Natural Resources Group examines a forthcoming new California law that will require disclosure of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions both directly and indirectly caused by a company....

The California Legislature recently passed two new laws that impose significant climate-related disclosure obligations on many businesses. The passage of SB 261 and SB 253 are the latest steps in a growing trend to mandate climate-related disclosures.

If you lived in my household as a kid, you wouldn’t be surprised I was a kid who saw a glass, half empty then half full. I think having my practice has made me more of an optimist....

With 8-K reporting obligations for “material” cybersecurity incidents under the new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules becoming effective as of December 18, 2023, most companies will soon be tasked with making “real-time” materiality determinations following a cybersecurity incident.1

Provident funds, or government-administered retirement funds, were introduced as a form of “social protection” to alleviate poverty at the time of retirement. Most social programs at the time did not provide enough to cover basic living expenses once a person retired and left the workforce.