It may be fair to say that non-US entities involved in a chapter 15 case, the mechanism through which US courts recognize foreign insolvency proceedings, do not anticipate having to litigate claims raised in the chapter 15 case outside of the bankruptcy court.

On January 23, the NY DFS released updated guidance with regard to better protecting consumers in the event of virtual currency insolvency.

Post-acute and long term care providers have endured a state of distress since March 2020, not only from the challenges created by the COVID-19 virus, but also from ever-increasing regulatory compliance burdens, changes in reimbursement rates, and uncertainty in how long term care services and su

Data from 2022 portends a monumental year ahead for Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”) litigation and enforcement. Plaintiffs are filing class-based-employment claims in higher numbers than ever, and class actions involving EEO claims have resulted in historic settlement amounts....

Educational institutions have not been excluded from the ransomware epidemic, and stakeholder communications are critical to an effective response.

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has proposed significant amendments to its service receipts sourcing regulation in the wake of the Texas Supreme Court’s decision in Sirius XM Radio, Inc. v. Hegar, 643 S.W.3d 402 (Tex.

On 31 January 2023, Governor Josh Shapiro signed an Executive Order to improve Pennsylvania’s licensing, permitting, and certification processes.

On January 27, the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) announced that it unanimously voted to deny a crypto firm’s application to become a member of the Federal Reserve System.

Introduction - Let’s say FDA proposed a guidance document that would change the definition of “low cholesterol” for health claims. Now let’s say that when FDA finalized the guidance, instead of addressing that topic, FDA banned Beluga caviar.

Under the federal Equal Pay Act (EPA), employers cannot discriminate on the basis of gender against an employee who performs work substantially equal to a colleague.